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    By utilising modern 3D CAD technology, we are able to create even the most complex designs. Our more than 20 graduate and certified engineers will gladly assist you in the production-ready configuration of your construction.

  • Enclosures for Machine Tools

    Enclosures for Machine Tools

  • Claddings for Packaging Machines

    Claddings for Packaging Machines

  • Special Telecommunication Cabinets

    Special Telecommunication Cabinets

  • Engineering of Pharmaceutical Plants

    Engineering of Pharmaceutical Plants

At BSW-Anlagenbau, we are dedicated to ensuring our customers get what they need. Whether you require technical advice, design support or manufacturing expertise - our range of services is just as multifaceted as our customers' needs. To address your specific demands, our design engineers thoroughly familiarise themselves with your constructions and requirements. With a strong technical expertise and an eye for future enhancements, BSW-Anlagenbau has been successfully developing tailor-made, sophisticated products for their customers since 1982.

Machine enclosures

"Well packed is half sold"

Machine claddings are not only protective systems, but also the packaging for your technical systems. Design and function are as important as the quality of the workmanship. What is the point of a brilliant designer if the surfaces are dented and the coolant leaks out?

This is why, in addition to the design, we offer functional evaluation and high-quality processing.

Our machine claddings live up to what's inside.

Plant engineering and construction

Plant engineering and construction is a very diverse field, both in terms of processes and industry sectors.

Thanks to our vast and varied experience, we can apply our proven expertise to your project.

Special control cabinets

Our industrial-quality control cabinets provide an attractive, functional and sturdy enclosure for your control systems. Depending on the protection rating, our control cabinets shield your control system from environmental influences, such as dust, dirt, liquids or contact. You will receive a solution tailored to your specific needs.

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