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Industrial Clerk

In companies of all sectors, industrial clerks deal with commercial/business-related activities such as material management, sales and marketing, human resources and financial and accounting concerns.

"Industriekaufmann/-frau" (industrial clerk) is a recognised three-year apprenticeship trade in the industry and commerce sector. The apprenticeship is also offered in the craft trades sector.

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Industrial clerks manage business processes from a commercial perspective: In the financial sphere, they are responsible for cost and activity accounting, in the sales department they prepare quotations and conduct sales negotiations and in production they control process and production procedures. In HR, they select new employees, create staff statistics or manage the payroll accounting. In general terms, industrial clerks are employed for all kinds of business-related tasks. Communicating with customers, suppliers, employees and the management, they are considered an important point of intersection in companies. This is an extremely varied occupation with considerable responsibility.

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